Accessible Information Sharing

Enabling the physically limited to access and manipulate content.


Accommodating the physically limited by providing more than one path for accessing and manipulating content. Physical limits span the spectrum from color blindness and wheelchair restriction to blindness and the inability to make controlled onscreen gestures. Other physical limits like the speed of light and the forward movement of time are outside the scope of Intuiface.

Business Value:

Governments have a responsibility to ensure public information can be accessed and manipulated by both able-bodied and physically limited users. It is possible that state and federal laws dictate requirements for information accessibility so be sure to review them to ensure your digital deployments are in compliance.

Key Intuiface Feature(s):

The number of Intuiface approaches to making content accessible are quite numerous, like text-to-speech, speech recognition, and keyboard-to-action mapping. There are also simpler approaches like ensuring the use or large fonts and contrasting color. Our Design for Accessibility page provides a good summary.

Accessible Information Sharing


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Accessible Information Sharing


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