Collaborative Assisted Selling

Agents and their customers sharing a digital display during the sales process


Agents and their customers gathered around large wall or table-mounted interactive displays to virtually research properties. Or tell funny stories and eat popcorn.

Business Value:

Agents become consultants. Browse homes, explore developments, learn about neighborhoods. Select and print/deliver take-home material. It’s shopper-driven and thus a healthy, collaborative approach to finding the right property.

Key Intuiface Feature(s):

Mount and size independence, plus the ability to integrate with external data sources. Intuiface doesn’t care if a screen is portrait or landscape oriented, if it’s table or wall-mounted, if it’s a low res display or an 8k display. Choose any display and mount you’d like. Then, pull information from any back office application or other digital resources – including MLS or its equivalent - to display up-to-minute properties using the cool visuals you cook up with your genius eye for aesthetic detail.

Collaborative Assisted Selling


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Collaborative Assisted Selling


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