Interactive display populated with information about specific geographic locations.


Display either live maps with street or satellite view, providing a neutral look at a particular neighborhood, or display map images customized for particular locations, audiences, needs. In both cases, interactive points of interest can be highlighted. I no cases should the maps at any point say, “Whatever you do, don’t go here.”

Business Value:

Located either in a real estate office or onsite at a development or property, maps are a crucial tool for shoppers curious about the neighborhood and the broader environs. Presenting it digitally permits the shopper to indulge their curiosity while ensuring you’re always displaying the latest information.

Key Intuiface Feature(s):

Live map support and the ability to integrate with external data sources. Intuiface has built-in support for two map providers, Mapbox and Bing, both delivering map and satellite views. For both, Intuiface can add geolocated content like images, videos, documents, and more. This ability to create information-rich points of interest is also possible with image-based maps. The content itself can be pulled from any back-office system, ensuring your ability to access and display the latest information. (NOTE: The connection doesn’t have to be live. Info can be stored locally to ensure offline accessibility.)



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