Emergency/Safety Messages

Broadcast important safety-related messages.


Broadcast important safety-related messages, and enable shop-level workers to easily communicate concerns from any location. We’re talking big red buttons.

Business Value:

Emergency and safety-related information should be easy to see and update, while emergency communication from the shop floor should be easily delivered. This requires large, networked signage and simple devices for transmitting concern from the shop floor.

Key Intuiface Feature(s):

[NOTE: Intuiface does not currently support integrations with EAS or other local and national emergency broadcast systems. Use Intuiface to broadcast time-insensitive messages while relying on separate systems for true emergencies.]

Ability to integrate with external data sources and business logic, plus support for web triggering. On the messaging side, real-time integration with the back office ensures personnel can create and deploy messaging to any one or more screens in seconds. This messaging can be crafted on the fly or predefined and associated with a set of event triggers that cause the messaging to display under certain conditions. On the notification side, devices like buttons can be connected to Intuiface experiences through the use of web triggers. This communication could result in the display of information on screen and be routed to any other system accessible via an API.

Emergency/Safety Messages


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Emergency/Safety Messages


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