Task Management

Assign, track, and control tasks for one or more projects.


Assign, track, and control tasks for one or more projects. Task states indicate progress – e.g. Assigned, In Progress, Waiting for Validation – while taskmasters are to be feared and avoided.

Business Value:

By situating task assignments on a large, interactive display located on or near the factory floor, teams can easily coordinate project execution, check or change status, and execute stand-up meetings to review plans for the next shift.

Key Intuiface Feature(s):

Ability to integrate with external data sources, from locally-stored spreadsheets to cloud-hosted data storage infrastructure. Intuiface can communicate with any back-office system, ensuring task accessibility and independence from any given display. With this separation of task data from each signage installation, interactive task management could occur in multiple locations while centrally managed away from the floor.

Task Management


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Task Management


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