Endless Aisle

A browsable, digital catalog of everything sold by the vendor.


A browsable, digital catalog of everything sold by the vendor. Here, “endless” has a good connotation, unlike any of episode of the children’s show Teletubbies which, oh my gosh, feel ENDLESS.

Business Value:

Booth staff and visitors have access to the entire vendor catalog, so discussions aren’t cut short by lack of information or availability. It’s so frictionless that conversations can even roam over related topics with ease, increasing visitor dwell time and perceived value of their visit.

Key Intuiface Feature(s):

Ability to integrate with external data sources and business logic. These days, virtually all retailers have fully digitized back offices. Modern ERP applications contain up-to-the-minute and complete pictures of all catalog items, including price, sizes, availability – and pictures. Intuiface is built to simplify integration with back-office systems, ensuring everything can be accessed and displayed in your endless aisle kiosk. And when the back-office updates, the data feed is refreshed, and Intuiface shows the latest. They’re always in sync. (NOTE: The connection doesn’t have to be live as – no surprise – Internet connectivity can be questionable at a show. Catalog information can be stored locally in, for example, an Excel spreadsheet to ensure offline accessibility.)

Endless Aisle


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Endless Aisle


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