Advertising / DOOH

Display ads either based on a schedule or in a particular context.


Display ads either based on a schedule or in context. The context could be anything from gender and age to weather or location. The only ignored context: not wanting a room!

Business Value:

Advertising effectiveness improves with its relevance for a given context. Intuiface can be used to simply run as on a schedule, as is typical of traditional digital signage. However, with Intuiface’s ability to be aware of the local environment and any information accessible in the cloud, the right advertising can be triggered for pre-defined criteria, increasing their appeal and stickiness.

Key Intuiface Feature(s):

Ability to communicate with any cloud-hosted data source or business logic, the ability to integrate with sensors like cameras for computer vision, and analytics. Today, virtually all private and public information can be accessed through the cloud via Web APIs. Intuiface natively supports Web APIs and thus can easily communicate with them in real-time, both to record information but, in the case of advertising, to pull in both ads and information about contextual parameters that will determine which ad to show. With additional support for sensors like computer vision-enabled cameras, Intuiface can automatically trigger ads based on demographic information like gender and age. Finally, thanks to Intuiface’s built-in analytics capability, information about context and ad frequency can be collected for each location, enabling teams to identify the most and least effective content based on a variety of factors.

Advertising / DOOH


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Advertising / DOOH


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