Social Media Wall

Display social media posts relevant to your business


Display the latest tweets, share images for posting to Instagram, broadcast a chirp, and more. (Not kidding about the chirp thing. Look it up.)

Business Value:

Share the excitement using social media. Enable visitors to take things with them on their phone. Make them feel part of the experience. Create a sense of energy and relevance. (NOTE: It is unlikely you would enable visitors to post content. There are both privacy and content moderation concerns that would greatly complicate matters.)

Key Intuiface Feature(s):

Ability to integrate with any Web API. All social media platforms, to encourage adoption and ubiquity, enable third-party access through APIs. Virtually all are directly accessible to Intuiface through the use of Intuiface API Explorer, a tool that automatically creates integrations with Web APIs without coding. And for those social media services where integration isn’t possible, workarounds exist to ensure content can be shared. In all cases, posts and content can be shared in real-time.

Social Media Wall


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Social Media Wall


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