Informational Signage

Kiosks displaying location-related information and promotions.


In-house events, guest messages, promotions, advertising, and more dispersed around a hotel lobby, casino floor, etc. Optionally interactive and updated frequently. Test out subliminal advertising by flashing words like “BUY”. Let us know if it works!

Business Value:

The modern guest expects interactive signage so give it to them. With live data integration, the information will always be current and relevant. Plus changes can be made on the fly and throughout the day. Advertising can supplement information and be controlled on a per-screen basis.

Key Intuiface Feature(s):

Ability to integrate with external data sources and business logic, plus analytics. Intuiface can communicate with any back-office system, ensuring your ability to access and display the latest information. Multiple sources can be incorporated in real-time, and you can use any visual to display that content as meaningfully as possible. (NOTE: The connection doesn’t have to be live. Information can be stored locally to ensure offline accessibility.) And with analytics, you can collect information about what were the most and least popular selections, the most and least trafficked areas, and more, good lessons-learned for improving deployment success.

Informational Signage


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Informational Signage


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