Directory/Wayfinding Kiosk

Find out where you are and where you want to go.


Where is Gate 23? My luxury box? Where am I in the stadium? Where is the bathroom? Why am I so confused by a circular building?

Business Value:

Interactive directories and wayfinding kiosks are a quick and simple means for visitors to find their destination. Use it both for general admission and for private-access floors. And since VIPs are changing all the time, digitizing the map ensures content is always relevant and personalized.

Key Intuiface Feature(s):

Ability to integrate with external data sources, plus analytics. Intuiface can communicate with any back-office system, ensuring your ability to access and display the latest directory information. This information can be assigned to the corresponding points-of-interest. And since the connection is live, changes in the back office are immediately accessible at the kiosk. (NOTE: The connection doesn’t have to be live. Information can be stored locally to ensure offline accessibility.) And with analytics, you can collect information about what are the most frequent inquiries or most trafficked areas, good insight for accommodating future visitors and kiosk investment.

Directory/Wayfinding Kiosk


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Directory/Wayfinding Kiosk


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