Room Access

Restrict entry to only those with approved badges.


Secure private rooms with badge-restricted entry. Put the badges on lanyards. People love lanyards!

Business Value:

Control room access using a high-tech approach. No need to assign employees to work as room bouncers. Plus you can easily restrict access at a badge level and keep track of badge inventory to ensure you know if any are missing.

Key Intuiface Feature(s):

Use of Local Network Triggers to work with RFID readers. Scenario: Each badge has an RFID tag with a unique ID. When a badge is placed over the reader, an the reader reports the associated ID to Intuiface – via local network triggers. The Intuiface experience uses that tag ID to determine whether that badge is permitted access to the room. (This verification could be done via a simple spreadsheet or by some third-party back office system.) The beauty of local network triggers is that any make/model of RFID reader can be used. The approach to reader configuration is universal and takes about a minute.

Room Access


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Room Access


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