Lift and Learn

Pick up a product, see information about that product on a digital display.


Lift an item, see information about that item on a digital display. Multiple lifted products lead to comparison. Taking those lifted products = risky decision. Feel like being tackled by drunk fans and security staff?

Business Value:

Hands-on browsing that’s fun to do, attracts the attention of others, and appeals to all ages. Can be adapted to any number of products.

Key Intuiface Feature(s):

Use of Local Network Triggers to work with RFID readers. Scenario: Each item has an RFID tag with a unique ID. When an item is lifted, an RFID reader reports to Intuiface – via local network triggers – that a particular tag ID has been lost. The Intuiface experience uses that tag ID to look up and then display relevant content (images, videos, information). When the item is put back, the tag ID is detected, Intuiface is notified via another local network trigger, and the product information is removed from the screen. The beauty of local network triggers is that any make/model of RFID reader can be used. The approach to reader configuration is universal and takes about a minute.

Lift and Learn


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Lift and Learn


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