Entrance Flow Management

Track entry/exit counts and display WAIT messaging when facility count exceeds capacity.


Track visitor entry and exit counts, compare the latest entry count to capacity, and display enter/wait guidance based on that comparison. Add some levity and simulate one of those cash shower machines on the digital display.

Business Value:

Inspired by the COVID pandemic, managing store capacity is both required by the law and appreciated by your guests. Can be performed with manual assistance or fully automated. Ensure capacity compliance without requiring the full-time commitment of one or more staff members. The digital display providing enter/wait guidance could also serve additional purposes like displaying ads, safety guidelines, or more.

Key Intuiface Feature(s):

Support for web triggers and third-party sensor hardware. With web triggers, handheld devices can be used by staff to communicate the entry or exit of visitors to a running Intuiface experience. The experience tracks the total number of people in the bank, compares it to the current capacity, and automatically displays enter/wait messaging. Support for integration with third-party sensor hardware, including computer vision and proximity sensors, entry/exit counts can be performed automatically rather than with the help of staff.

Entrance Flow Management


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Entrance Flow Management


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