Outdoor Signage

Capture the attention and pique the interest of passers-by


Advertise special events, highlight promotions, summarize relevant news items, broadcast attractive mortgage or loan rates. Anything that would appeal to passers-by and not lose their interest. (Get it? Lose interest!! It’s a banking joke!)

Business Value:

Remind passers-by – whether or not your customers – why they should consider an in-bank visit. Don’t assume they’re aware of your promotions, teaser rates, small business opportunities, etc. Post this signage not just outside a branch but consider doing so in public places as a means for generating awareness, building a pipeline of prospects.

Key Intuiface Feature(s):

Ability to integrate with external data sources and business logic. Outdoor signage can display information either stored behind a bank’s firewall or in a cloud-hosted content management system (CMS). Security concerns may require the latter approach, which is fine because signage content will be limited to public information. Either way, Intuiface is built to simplify integration with network-accessible data storage systems, ensuring everything can be accessed and displayed on screen without having to write code. And when the CMS is updated, the data feed is refreshed, and the Intuiface experience displays the new content. Everything will always be in sync.

Outdoor Signage


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Outdoor Signage


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