Financial Simulation

Collaboratively select, configure, and evaluate financial planning options


Bank associate and client sit around a table-mounted display, collaboratively selecting, configuring, and evaluating financial planning options. If the client asks for advice about how to run a small business, the banker should reply that they should start with a large business and then wait for six months.

Business Value:

Collaborative, personalized sales maximizes engagement. The tactile nature of hands-on planning increases prospect commitment to the exercise, and conversations with give-and-take are more effective than pronouncements. Particularly for discussions about financial security and risk, clients need to feel suggestions are custom-made and conclusions are in their best interest.

Key Intuiface Feature(s):

Ability to integrate with external data sources and business logic. Intuiface would act as the display layer for business planning services accessible through Web APIs or local SDKs. Data input by the user or bank rep is captured in an Intuiface-based form, passed along to the back office for processing, and the results are then presented in Intuiface using a variety of visual options, including the Linear Gauge or JavaScript-based chart options run in the HTML Frame Asset. No information is stored by Intuiface so the privacy risk is minimized.

Financial Simulation


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Financial Simulation


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