Kids Zone

Simple games to occupy the children of bank customers


Simple games, child-safe websites, quizzes, all to keep children busy while mom or dad are conducting business with bank staff. The design is playful but neutral, saying “Yes, adults can play too. No one will stare.”

Business Value:

A big disincentive for visiting bank branches is having to monitor and control children during a visit. With a Kids Zone, parents can enter with the knowledge that there will be a window of child distraction during which focused conversation with bank staff is possible.

Key Intuiface Feature(s):

Virtually every feature in Intuiface could find its way into a game. To illustrate, here are some examples: Scratchcard, Wheel of Fortune, Memory Game, Jigsaw Puzzle. In addition, there are options like the Web Browser Asset, which enables white-listing, limiting browsing access to child-safe sites.

Kids Zone


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Kids Zone


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