Using a game-like approach to educate


Gamification is a fancy word meaning the use of gaming principles and/or elements in a non-game context. In museums, gamification is often used as a way to make education fun. It’s also effective at starting fights between competitive seven-year olds dinosaur experts.

Business Value:

Enhance the museum experience by offering on-premise incentives not available online. The gamification aspect makes it fun for the user, increases the sense of reward, and captures the attention of other passers-by. Place it at the entrance to draw in guests; use it throughout an exhibit to reward a lengthy stay.

Key Intuiface Feature(s):

Virtually every feature in Intuiface could find its way into a game. To illustrate, here are some examples: Scratchcard, Wheel of Fortune, Memory Game, Slot Machine, Jigsaw Puzzle. Even a quiz – like our Science Quiz example – is a game at heart. With creativity, the possibilities are endless. You can even be creative with touch-alternatives, such as using a camera to capture gender, automatically tailoring the game to each user.



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