Presence Detection

Use local movement to trigger on-screen or auditory content.


Use local movement to trigger on-screen or auditory content. Can initiate contact or supplement a larger exhibition. Kids will love it and trigger it more than once. Parents will frown but secretly wish they could also trigger it more than once.

Business Value:

Attention grabber with a cutting-edge feel but simple to implement. Even by itself, presence detection can raise the bar for otherwise pedestrian exhibits.

Key Intuiface Feature(s):

Easy integration with sensors. All sensors are configurable, enabling them to alert a third-party application when triggered. It takes one line of code to have a sensor talk to Intuiface. Intuiface listens for the sensor and that trigger can lead to any conceivable action, from playing a video to broadcasting a sound effect. Notice that we haven’t said “presence detection”. That’s because it could be any kind of sensor: movement, light, temperature. Presence, however, would be typical in a museum environment.

Presence Detection


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Presence Detection


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