Tagged Objects

Use RFID tags to display exhibit-specific information on museum-supplied tablets


Exhibits with RFID chips broadcast IDs that are detected by museum-supplied tablets. Each ID triggers the display of a set of multi-media information about the exhibit. Cool tip: put RFID tags behind bathroom mirrors, triggering the display of harmlessly funny biographies.

Business Value:

A very cool and high-tech way to engage museum visitors. Encourages extended stays and repeat visits as each display promises to be a rewarding visit. Also an excellent resource foranalytics.

Key Intuiface Feature(s):

RFID-support paired with the ability to integrate with external data sources and business logic. In this scenario, it may be optimal to store all media locally on the tablet, avoiding the need for reliable network connections. However, Intuiface can also communicate with any back-office system in real time, ensuring tablets always display the latest information about each tagged exhibit. As for analytics, collect information from across all tablets, identifying most (and least) popular exhibits, insight that can inform future investment while aiding in the improvement of current deployments.


Tagged Objects


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Tagged Objects


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