Video Wall

Large scale, wall-mounted display(s) that easily catches the eye.


Either one or a multitude of  displays mounted to a wall. Usually oversized to catch attention and be seen from a distance. Tell stories using a variety of media. Show your benefactors that their donations are being put to good use!

Business Value:

Highly visible education opportunities using videos combined with other good visual elements animated to tell a story. It’s eye candy that captures attention and adds energy to any space. It also facilitates engagement with large groups as everyone can have a look.

Key Intuiface Feature(s):

Mount and size independence. Intuiface doesn’t care if a screen is portrait or landscape oriented, if it’s table or wall-mounted, if it’s a low-res display or an 8k display. Choose any display and mount you’d like then show any combination of material using any design/storyboard/layout that suits your audience and the educational intent. It’s a super cool deployment that looks complicated to deliver but is actually easy to do.

Video Wall


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Video Wall


Videos that showcase this usage model in action.

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