Using a game-like approach to giving out coupons or other purchase incentives


Gamification is a fancy word meaning the use of gaming principles and/or elements in a non-game context. In QSR, gamification can be used to offer coupons and other purchase incentives. It’s also effective at creating an army of repeat diners convinced they’ve figured out how to beat the system.

Business Value:

Draw in diners by offering on-premise incentives not available online. The gamification aspect makes it fun for the user, increases the sense of reward, and captures the attention of other passers-by. Put it near the entrance or window to get noticed; put it elsewhere in the restaurant to reward those who make the effort to enter.

Key Intuiface Feature(s):

Virtually every feature in Intuiface could find its way into a game. To illustrate, here are some examples: Scratchcard, Wheel of Fortune, Memory Game, Slot Machine, Jigsaw Puzzle. With creativity, the possibilities are endless.



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