Weather-driven Signage

Information and promotions displayed because of their compatibility with current weather conditions.


Run promotions because of their compatibility with current weather conditions. Optionally interactive and updated frequently. Anger leads to hunger so give rudeness a try. You didn’t hear this from us.

Business Value:

Weather has a significant influence on decisions made by diners looking for meal options. By selecting weather-appropriate recommendations, you’re increasing the relevance of signage content and increasing the likelihood of attracting positive attention. Diners will have a satisfying meal, and you will benefit from a healthy return on investment.

Key Intuiface Feature(s):

Ability to integrate with any Web API and content management systems. These days, it is easy to get weather information from the Web through third parties exposing information through Web APIs. Virtually all are directly accessible to Intuiface through the use of Intuiface API Explorer, a tool that automatically creates integrations with Web APIs without coding. Use this information to sort through locally stored or cloud accessible content management systems, displaying only the advertisements and/or menu items relevant for particular outdoor conditions. Most content management systems also expose public Web APIs, making it easy to incorporate them in Intuiface as well.

Weather-driven Signage


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Weather-driven Signage


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