Promotional Signage

In-store upsell/cross-sell promotion.


In-store upsell/cross-sell promotion. Include attract loops plus the option to browse. Can offer coupons via QR code. Can also run a siren every time someone expresses interest in a high caloric item.

Business Value:

Influence decision making as people browse the menu board or wait online. Promote new or under-purchased items. Effective even if only attended after food has been selected and eaten as it can be used while exiting. It is also an effective analytics resource to gauge popularity of promoted items.

Key Intuiface Feature(s):

Ability to integrate with external data sources, plus analytics. Intuiface can communicate with any back-office system, enabling the access and display of content to be highlighted. This information can be assigned on a screen-by-screen basis to vary promotion based on store location. And since the connection is live, changes in the back office are immediately accessible at the interactive kiosk. (NOTE: The connection doesn’t have to be live. Information can be stored locally to ensure offline accessibility.) And with analytics, you can collect information about what are the most frequent inquiries or most trafficked areas, good insight for accommodating future visitors and signage investment.

Promotional Signage


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Promotional Signage


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