Sales Assistant

Tablets used by Sales reps to facilitate face-to-face selling.


Sales Reps are equipped with tablets containing everything from product catalogs to purchase history, enabling Reps to deliver personalized care to shoppers regardless of where those Shoppers are in the store. Or the Reps can play Candy Crush if they don’t want long term employment.

Business Value:

Shoppers receive personalized care wherever they may be standing. Stock search and purchase history could be pulled up without having to browse racks or find an open register. Items can be reserved for use in changing rooms, enabling the shopper to simply wait for garments to be delivered.

Key Intuiface Feature(s):

Ability to integrate with external data sources and business logic. These days, virtually all retailers have fully digitized back offices. Modern ERP applications contain up-to-the-minute and complete pictures of all catalog items, including price, sizes, availability – and pictures. Intuiface is built to simplify integration with back-office systems, ensuring everything can be accessed and displayed on a tablet. And when the back-office updates, the data feed is refreshed, and Intuiface shows the latest. They’re always in sync.

Sales Assistant


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Sales Assistant


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