Shop window

Capture the attention of passers-by then run a small promotion.


Capture the attention of passers-by then run a small promotion. Use QR codes to enable information take-away on their mobile devices or lure viewers inside with coupons. Or, to attract movie nerds, just use motion detection to trigger avoice saying “Hello John Anderton. We’ve got something for you inside.” (Look it up!)

Business Value:

Interacting with potential customers as they walk by was a resource-intensive process typically reliant on carnival-barker-like yelling. Anyone who has worked atradeshow knows how awkward this random targeting can be for people passing by. With interactive shop windows, there is far less pressure to participate and far more control for those who decide to take part. It’s empowerment without the stress and thus all upside for the retailer. And a bonus: these window-based campaigns can even be run after hours.

Key Intuiface Feature(s):

Native to Intuiface is the ability to generate QR codes on the fly. In addition, sensors like motion and presence detection can be used to trigger attract loops or other visual/auditory events to grab attention at the most opportune moments. And built-in support for remote actions and Web triggers means it is even possible to enable passers-by to browse and select items using their mobile devices even though the digital display is inaccessibly located behind a window.

Shop window


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Shop window


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