Control External Equipment

Command third party devices (lights, sound system, etc.) using a touchscreen


Command third-party devices using their public SDK or API. Turn off lights, play music, close window blinds, or initiate anything else a network-accessible device can do. Ideal for any object among the Internet of Things, including Philips hue light bulbs,Samsung smart refrigerators, and Jim Beam whiskey decanters. (Well, not anymore. But they used to! Look it up.)

Business Value:

Turn Intuiface into a remote control for virtually any device

Key Intuiface Feature(s):

Native support for any Web API, .NET dll, and JavaScript application. It’s the same mechanism enabling Intuiface to integrate with any data source or business logic, passing information back and forth in real-time. Any connected object on the Web or network-accessible device has a public SDK or API because they are designed to be called by third-party applications. Intuiface can be that application. For Web APIs, Intuiface has a tool – API Explorer – that can automatically build the integration, no coding required. For .NET and JavaScript, a novice developer would be required to do a small amount of coding, all documented in Intuiface’s Help Center.

Control External Equipment


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Control External Equipment


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