Voice-Controlled Presentations

Hands-free control of onscreen content.


Hands-free control of onscreen content. Can include forward and backward navigation, the triggering of animation, and the reveal of hidden content. Freak out guests by establishing your ability to speak instructions with a few presentation-related requests, then look up and ask aloud for rain.

Business Value:

It’s a wow effect for even the simplest of sales presentations. Typically done on premises but can be done on the road as well. Stand out in the crowd regardless of how much farther you push interactivity.

Key Intuiface Feature(s):

Web Trigger support, enabling integration with third-party voice assistant tools like Alexa and Google Assistant. For an example, see our IFTTT sample experience and associated Help Center article.

Voice-Controlled Presentations


Download our free example experiences to see this usage model in action for yourself.

Voice-Controlled Presentations


Videos that showcase this usage model in action.

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