Use of digitized content to onboard, train, inform, and test.


New hire on-boarding, supplementary education, product release summaries, and more are presented in a self-service digital format. Quizzes are optional. Jump scares of freaky faces at random moments would be hilarious.

Business Value:

Removes the need for live instruction or prescheduled class times. Pace requirements are optional but can be enforced. Test results can be graded and recorded. Content can be easily refreshed on an as-needed basis with no need for paper or more toner in the copier.

Key Intuiface Feature(s):

Extensive media support with unlimited layout flexibility. Intuiface can incorporate an enormous variety of media formats, including images (png, gif, jpg, bmp), videos (mp4, wmv, mov, etc.), documents (pdf, Word, Excel, etc.), 3D models (obj/mtl, 3ds, dae, etc.) and audio files (mp3, wma, wav, etc.). Plus you can add just about any Web content as well as interactive maps and timelines. The design/layout/storyboard is all up to you as there are no template restrictions so any story can be told, any information can be imparted, and rules can be taught using any approach you desire.



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