Sales Pitch

Tablets containing product/service catalogs, success stories/case studies, marketing collateral, and more.


Sales personnel are equipped with tablets containing product/service catalogs, success stories / case studies, marketing collateral, and more, enabling the delivery of personalized attention anywhere in the world. Or personnel can use the tablets to find their favorite cat photos on Instagram if they don’t want long term employment.

Business Value:

Prospects receive personalized, intimate discussions, encouraged by tablet screen size and shared use of the device.

Key Intuiface Feature(s):

Tablet support plus the ability to integrate with external data sources. Intuiface doesn’t care if it’s iPad or Android, portrait or landscape, 2k or 4k (or higher) resolution. Choose any tablet you’d like. Then, pull information from any back-office ERP application, and any other digital resources, to display up-to-minute collateral and product/service information using the cool visuals you cook up with your genius eye for aesthetic detail. (NOTE: Worried about Internet connectivity? Catalog information and collateral can be stored locally to ensure offline accessibility.)

Sales Pitch


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Sales Pitch


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